School Uniform Code

Students wear school uniform each school day!


  1. Must be COLLARED: polo shirt, button down shirt, or turtleneck acceptable
  2. Must be PLAIN: no design, decoration or accent trim allowed
  3. Must be WHITE, BLACK or DARK GREEN in color
  4. All layers must be in the SAME COLOR as the uniform top: e.g. if the student is wearing a white short-sleeved polo shirt, all long-sleeved undershirts must also be white.
  5. The only exception is the School 100% Club tee shirts which are allowed to be worn at anytime.


  1. Must be PLAIN: no decoration, design or accent trim
  2. Must be KHAKI (Light Tan) in color
  3. Long pants, shorts, skirts, and jumpers are allowed
  4. All bottoms must cover a student's underwear (no baggy pants) and skirt length cannot more than 3" above the knee


  1. Must be NAVY BLUE
  2. Must be PLAIN: no decoration, design or accent trim
  3. Sweaters and sweatshirts are acceptable


  1. Shoes must be adequate for recess and daily physical activity
  2. Recommended: gym shoes - tennis shoes - athletic shoes with socks
  3. Flip flops are NOT allowed
  4. All shoes MUST have a strap around the heel


  1. Coats and jackets are NOT to be worn in the classrooms
  2. Hats, mittens and gloves are NOT to be worn in the classrooms